Thymes spa and bath products enhance the quality of your daily life through the transformative power of fragrance. What makes a Thymes fragrance? It's a scent that's fresh and clean, instantly familiar yet remarkably engaging. Complex, yet never overpowering. With a balance of identifiable notes originating from the time-honored traditions of perfumery. Yet blended in a unique way for how we live our lives today.


Fresh, crisp notes of eucalyptus are surrounded by a bright citrus halo of Italian lemon,lime and bergamot. Trailing close behind are green florals and lemongrass, floating on a bed of herbaceous rosewood and fir.

Warm, relaxing lavender is topped with woody green notes of galbanum to open the senses with a tranquil accord. Immersed below is a subtle, spicy accord of rosewood, clary sage and cinnamon leaf to generate warmth. Precious woods and crisp aldehydes add depth for a finish that's pure peace.

Lotus Santal
Sultry floral notes of cocoa orchid and red lotus swirl through layers of exotic plum wood, patchouli, and spicy touches of clove bud. Creamy amber and sandalwood create a warm intoxicating finish.


Bath Salts: A long hot soak steeped in skin-softening natural salts, moisturizing botanicals and your favorite Thymes fragrance is an experience of true relaxation.
-Lotus Santal, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Azur

Candles: Create an ambiance of pure, welcoming refreshment. With warmth and a quiet glow, Thymes decorative scented candles and votive candles fill your surroundings with long-lasting perfume-quality fragrance. A gift to share or to savor.
-Naia, Lavender, Eucalyptus

Home Fragrance Mist: Each light misting of our evocative room sprays layers the air with perfume-quality home fragrance. A subtle yet effective way to transform the ambiance of any room. Ideal for use throughout your home, office or even in the car.
-Lotus Santal, Naia, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Azur

Hand Wash: Unlike many liquid hand soap and hand wash choices, our botanically enriched hand cleansers wash without stripping essential moisture. Plus, our foot cleansers nourish skin with conditioning emollients.
-Lavender, Eucalyptus

Hand Lotions: Enriched with hydrating botanicals, including shea butter, honey, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), vitamins and minerals, our nourishing hand and foot moisturizing creams and cuticle creams soften, smooth, condition and protect.
-Lavender, Eucalyptus, Azur

Cologne: Handcrafted to enhance your unique personal chemistry and style, Thymes colognes celebrate the aromatic beauty of nature on skin. With every spritz, you're indulged with fragrance so fresh and original, it can only be yours.
-Lotus Santal, Lavender

Bar Soap: Luxurious lather infused with nature's skin-supportive body cleansers, such as hydrating glycerin and creamy shea butter, moisturize and condition, leaving your skin swept with your favorite Thymes fragrance.
-Lotus Santal, Naia, Azur, Lavender, Eucalyptus

Bubble Bath: Mounds of moisturizing lather enriched with skin-supportive botanical conditioners and fresh, engaging Thymes fragrance make every soak a luxurious opportunity to condition, nourish and indulge.
-Lotus Santal, Lavender, Azur

Body Wash: A refreshingly effective twist on standard body cleanser or shower gel choices. Formulated with hydrating, emollient-rich botanical cleansers and fresh, engaging Thymes fragrance to leave you ready to face the day.
-Lavender, Lotus Santal, Eucalyptus, Azur

Sink Sets: Our perfectly practical sink sets combine skin-nurturing liquid hand wash and richly moisturizing hand lotion in your favorite Thymes fragrance. Sink sets come in an elegant stainless steel container suitable for any dcor. Convenient for kitchens or bathrooms, plus makes a thoughtful housewarming gift or hostess gift.
-Lotus Santal, Naia, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Azur

Body Lotion: Our moisturizing lotions and body creams are enriched with natural skin conditioners such as shea butter, honey, glycerin and vitamins and infused with your favorite Thymes fragrances to leave skin positively aglow.
-Lotus Santal, Naia, Lavender, Eucalyptus

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