The name Circadia is translated from the Latin words "circa dia" meaning "around the day". Circadian rhythms are life's 24-hour cycles influenced by the earth's rotation around the sun. The products developed by Circadia are designed to work in harmony with the body's natural systems to defend the skin from environmental insult during the day, and repair during the night.


Vitamin Veil Cleanser
A unique soybean-oil based, non-foaming cleanser that gently removes make-up, dirt and impurities while leaving behind an invisible "veil" of antioxidants. Great for dry, aged, or post-peel skin. Soybean oil base cleanses makeup, dirt, and debris. Does not break the skin barrier or denature keratin.

Lipid Replacing Cleansing Gel
This revitalizing cleanser effectively removes dirt, make-up and lipids without damaging the skin barrier or denaturing keratin. Best for normal or slightly oily skin. Non-irritating low foaming gel that is excellent for use before microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, or enzyme treatments.

Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser
Patented micro-beads of natural beeswax gently cleanse and exfoliate while absorbing excess oil. Good for all skin types. Gently exfoliates while cleansing the face and body, leaving the skin silky and smooth. Naturally oil absorbing and hydrating at the same time, it is great for all skin types. Fragrant and sulfate-free with patented microbeads of natural organic beeswax that gently exfoliate. Gentle enough to be used twice daily.

Amandola Milk Cleanser
Milk protein, vitamins and the natural essences of plants (oat and wheat gluten) help retain moisture and naturally brighten the skin while gently cleansing. Non-foaming cleanser that gently removes dirt and debris. Provides the mild exfoliating benefits of Lactic and Mandelic acids- these Alpha-Hydroxy acids also provide skin lightening and hydrating properties.

Cleansing Gel with Salicylic Acid
This cleansing gel lathers into a light, creamy foam that deep cleanses, while beta-hydroxy salicylic acid helps to soften and exfoliate. Antiseptic action occurs to reduce sebum and deeply clean.

Blueberry & White Tea Hydrating Mist
Hydrate and nourish while helping to protect skin with a complex of potent antioxidants.

Formulated to 'lock in' critical moisture, reducing trans-epidermal water loss, while creating a supple sheen. This non-greasy serum can also be added to other Circadia products to boost efficacy.

Moisture on Demand
A new concept in "smart" products, this lightweight serum provides additional hydration as needed while adjusting to climatic conditions. Rich in natural antioxidants and protects against transepidermal water loss.

AquaPorin Hydrating Cream
Maintains and increases skin moisturization with a burst of the latest, most effective hydrating agents. Contains natural oils for their emollient, regenerative and soothing properties. Boosts moisture, protecting from transepidermal water loss. Contains special cellular hydrators and active emollients.

Rose-Ease Relief Cream
Helps calm the redness and irritation associated with rosacea, while aiding in controlling the demodex mite, thought to contribute to rosacea. Lightweight, calming, anti-microbian, anti-inflammatory, and supportive of barrier function and moisture retention.

Post Peel Balm
This soothing balm is excellent for use after peels to calm and comfort skin. Contains a skin identical lipid complex that increases water-holding capacity and provides a semi-occlusive and protective barrier. Fast absorbing balm provides anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Great for post waxing, microdermabrasion, peels etc.

Nighttime Repair
This multi-potent, anti-oxidant lotion with an ultra-stable form of Vitamin C and an anti-aging complex helps awaken dull, tired skin and optimizing circadian rhythms. Great for skin requiring nightly moisturizer, showing mild daily damage, or needing enhanced cell turnover.

Nighttime Repair Plus
This powerhouse formulation addresses the increased demands of more mature or damaged skin, with higher levels of Vitamin A, anti-oxidants and peptides than our regular Nighttime Repair. Great for dull skin requiring nightly moisturizer, showing daily to long-term damage, or needing increased cell turnover.

Vitamin A Boosting Cream
A rich, fast-absorbing cream that targets the more advanced signs of aging with 1% retinyl acetate and other ingredients that boost skin's youth factor. Great for dull, rough, heavily keratinized, sun-damaged skin. Ultimately helps improve the appearance of blemishes (intended for limited use). Conditions the skin prior to surgery, repairs sun damage, and works to rebuild aging or damaged skin.

Vitamin A Gel
This concentrated yellowish-gel with 1% retinol helps improve appearance of aged skin and reduce pigmentation from UV damaged skin. Great for aging skin or skin requiring rejuvenation. Non-foaming cleanser that gently removes dirt and debris. Provides the mild exfoliating benefits of Lactic and Mandelic acids- these Alpha- Hydroxy acids also provide skin lightening and hydrating properties.

PhiTo-Pep 1.6
Formulated specifically for ages 20 35 to help maintain skin's peak condition, optimal barrier function and moisture levels with a blend of hydrating agents, peptides and botanical extracts. Protects skin from free radical-induced lipid and DNA damage.

In the skin, as in any organized system, one of the most important determinants of health and vitality is good communication. This lightweight hydrating serum is designed with that in mind, and incorporates ingredients intended to enhance the skin's natural communication pathways thus aiding in repairing and restructuring processes. Peptides reduce markers of senescence and subsequent signs of sagging and wrinkles. Amino acids provide the building blocks for collagen production and aid in the communication.

Revita-Cyte Complex
Formulated as a Vitamin A alternative lotion to use when retinoids are contraindicated. This anti-aging complex helps skin feel and appear firmer and smoother, providing immediate skin softness upon application. Perfect for use with our SWiCHTM Rejuvenation System. Novel antioxidants protect from environmental and UV damage. Stem cell extract provides cell-healing phytochemicals. Peptides stimulate skin regeneration and connective tissue production. Purified botanicals and yeast extract enhance mitochondrial function for more energized skin.

Myo-Cyte Plus
This award-winning serum contains Matrixyl, Matrixyl® 3000, Snap 8 and InylineTM, to greatly improve the look of expression lines. Great for fine lines, crow's feet, frown lines, wrinkles. Multi-peptide formula inhibits certain wrinkle inducing compounds in the skin. Stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

Emergency Eye Lift
This crystal-clear gel instantly tightens and lifts the eye area, and plumps fine lines, while offering the long-term benefit of a more youthful look over time. Results last approximately 3 hours. Compatible with other eye products.

Full Circle Eye Repair
Innovative peptide technology and vitamins coupled with smoothing agents make this system unlike any other.

White Willow & Juniper Clearing Mist
A refreshing mist of white willow, juniper, red clover, and meadowsweet extracts works to help reduce the appearance of oily skin and blemishes. hyaluronate and sea plant extract hydrate and soften dry skin. Hyaluronate and sea plant extract hydrate and soften dry skin. Natural salicylic acid derivatives have anti-microbial activity and aid in penetrating pores and reducing cellular build-up.

Daytime Control Lotion
A light, moisturizing lotion containing a complex of a patented antimicrobial peptide with a tripeptide that reinforces skin's natural defense mechanism. Lignans and phytosterols help to control and reduce sebum production, especially in the T-zone, while botanical extracts soothe and smooth the skin. Controls breakouts and soothes skin.

Nighttime Control
Nighttime control has been formulated with a special form of benzoyl peroxide that is less irritating and allows it to penetrate pores attacking the bacteria, P. acne, a known contributor to the development of acne lesions. Great for skin showing signs of acne or acne-prone skin.

Spot Stop
A spot treatment to target acute breakouts, Spot Stop is designed to sooth, cool, and reduce the signs inflammation. Plant extracts exercise antimicrobial activity while glucans, camphor, and menthol offer immediate relief. Great for blemishes of mild to moderate severity. Reduces redness and pain.

Licorice and Bearberry Brightening Mist
This amazing blend of licorice, bearberry, and other natural extracts known to illuminate the skin, complements our White Veil Brightener and Bright White Serum to help brighten dark spots and enhance radiance. Great for age spots, sun spots, uneven pigmentation, post-pregnancy melasma.Hydrating a softening, this mist prevents further production of excess melanin.

Bright White Serum
This lightweight milky serum is formulated with potent antioxidants and inhibitors of melanin production to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Great for age spots, sun spots, uneven pigmentation, post-pregnancy melasma. White serum with ingredients that reduce melanin production. It can be used under a moisturizer and always under sunscreen.

White Veil Brightener
This silky, fast-absorbing lotion contains SEPIWHITE™ MSH, Chromabright™,and β-White™, all clinically shown to illuminate the complexion and brighten hyperpigmented areas. Great for age spots, sun spots, uneven pigmentation, post-pregnancy melasma. Can be used as a morning moisturizer under sunscreen.

Professional Firming and Shaping Gel
A light fast-absorbing gel noticeably smooths and tightens targeted areas improving the appearance of skin texture and cellulite. Fast absorbing gel with natural fresh fragrance.

Blue Bamboo Exfoliator for Body
This exotic body scrub lathers into a creamy luxurious foam containing natural blueberry seeds and bamboo to gently exfoliate, remove impurities and cleanse. Great for course or rough patches.

Vitamin C Reversal Serum
This age-defying essential product contains the most stable and active form of Vitamin C to increase the firm look of skin and neutralize free radicals. Also contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate and smooth. Great for all skin types, especially those in need of connective tissue rebuilding and restructuring.

Light Day Sunscreen
Our environment requires daily protection with new levels of performance. Award-winning photo stabilizer Solastay® S1 reduces sensitivity issues often associated with UV absorbers. New age antioxidants Lipochroman-6™and Preventhelia™ prevent damage to DNA proteins caused directly or indirectly by UV exposure. This light lotion contains grape stem cell culture extract to enhance photo-protection and delay cell senescence. Fast absorbing with an elegant feel, this is your ideal daily use product. Safe for use after peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, and laser procedures.

Skin care moves into the realm of Functional Fabrics with The Pillowcase, and only Dr. Pugliese could have invented this! A luxuriously soft fabric scientifically designed to support your skin while you sleep, maintain the skin's hydration, and incredibly, it helps prevent sleep lines that cause wrinkles!

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